Global Christian Schools

College of education will recruit qualified teachers so that children have a quality education to teach in Global Christian Schools. No more educating Under a tree in South Sudan. We want to build concrete schools. When it rains, children are not able to attend school. South Sudan has a lot of rain especial during the rainy season, April-November. When the leaves fall off the trees in October and November children have to sit in the sun all day. Our goal is to have a setting that makes it easier to learn with a quality curriculum.

College of education will recruit doctors and nurses to be accessible to sick students. Currently, there is only one doctor in Mundri. Many people die waiting to see a doctor. In the future, Global Christian School will educate students where they can help the South Sudanese community have healthy lifestyles.

Projected Courses will be offered to Elementary & High School Students.


Arabic, English & ReadingMother tongue/Arabic,Christian Religion Education/Bible (C.R.E.) Math/ Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History,  Geography, and Computer

Adult Education Courses offered

English & Reading, Math and, Accounting, Computer, Bible
Additional Biblical teachings: Bible Campus Ministry (B.C.M),Student small groups, Intensive Study of the Word of God


Soccer/Basketball, Volleyball,Students and teachers will begin each day with a 30 minutes chapel service, which will include singing, reading of Scripture, devotion, prayer, and school announcements.


“And whatever you ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”
— John 14:13


Pray Requests

  1. Board of Directors: wisdom and discernment
  2. Teachers: to begin preparing
  3. Carpenters: safety
  4. Unity: among all those involved Finances.  

My Prayer

Oh! Lord Jesus, we come to you in praise and thanksgiving that you will provide the resources and individuals to build a school in South Sudan so that people may know you more and follow you and make disciples of all nations. I love you, Jesus. Father God, give our team wisdom and knowledge as you gave to your servant Solomon. We pray in the name of Jesus, to protect, and lead us in your ways. Keep us free from the world’s desire. Amen.