“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.”
— Isaiah 65:24

Andrew Zarah


My name is Andrew Zarah from South Sudan. God rescued me from the jungle “for such a time as this” to be educated in the United States. He chose me to gain an education in order-to-educate others in South Sudan. My life is not different from other South Sudanese who suffered and were persecuted and had family killed because of their faith, or died from hunger and diseases.

My journey has taken me to Southern Union Community College in Alabama and then to Jefferson State where I received my associates’ degree. I earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a Masters of Science in International Relations both from Troy University.

My father is a great hunter. He once said to me “Andrew! When you go hunt, kill a big animal so that all the village people can eat meat.” My education is like that big animal.

God has given me an education in the U.S. to be used for His glory and honor. My desire is to share the Word of God through education to the people of South Sudan and ultimately to all the nations. I want all the South Sudanese people to be able to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

My aspiration is to train individuals in a “college” type setting who will be able to teach children in my homeland. The goal is to ultimately develop a Christian primary school in South Sudan that will allow students the opportunity to study in their own country. We will then expand into high schools, giving hope to future generations.

A select few South Sudanese go to high school in Uganda or Kenya but the fees are very expensive. The vast majority of families cannot raise money for their children to go away to school. Thus, I feel this is a path God has clearly given me to help those who remain hopeless.

My heart’s desire is to eventually impact lives of South Sudanese through sharing the love of Jesus Christ to turn one another toward love and unity as we work together.



July 8th, 2012
We held our first meeting to lay the foundation for the school in Mundri. There were 60 present, including members from parliament, two chiefs, pastors, local traders, and church elders. July 21, 2012, Seventy-nine people gathered to clear the first acre.

November 2011
Our first plot of land was purchased in Mundri to begin the Global Christian School.